Hello world!

(* Hello World, a familiar beginner script is fitting for a first post, so good luck with the following pseudo-code. *)

          And yeah, I know it’s nerd city, geek-o-tastic, WTF; but welcome, thanks for clicking, and please return many, many, many times; and thanks for the comments. Negative, positive, random, I love the comments.

((Declare random variables: mood, subject, structure, opinion, and enlightenment.

Declare Boolean variables: update = weekly or bi-weekly,
     age = adult,
     quality = good and fun,
     search for meaning = true,
     and censorship = false.

Declare constants: World = World.

Declare global subroutine: EAFS (*eradicate all fucking spam *).)

     (BEGIN (Hello, content, KeithEcho, World),
          Hello = 1,
          KeithEcho = scribbling, art, music, data,
          parrots (2:Caliban and Apollo), and vodka.

     (While World, KeithEcho, Hello=Hello + 1
     (* loop de’ loop me, baby *)
          Visit website (keithecho.com, keithecho.wordpress.com)
          Read blogs (content = quality, EAFS)
          Output (“Hello World. Welcome to my blog. Thanks for the click.”).
          Many times = Hello + 1.
          If comment then post email address, and Output “Thank you,” many times,
          else EAFS.


Note: you will need an email address to comment, and a friendly reminder, I will EAFS all over your ass so no fucking SPAM.

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