Earth Day Inventory, 22 April 2008

          Every year at this time, we see a lot of data about conserving the environment; there are community parks and neighborhood clean-ups, educational fieldtrips, the status of the ice packs, the potential consequence of Colony Collapse Disorder in bees, and the economic impact of $5/ gallon gas. This year, I am analyzing steps I take and steps I can do better to further a greener way of life. My 2008 Earth Day inventory is as follows.

1. Support the Nature Conservancy
2. Use only CFC bulbs, including bathroom full spectrum
3. Dispose of spent CFC at responsible vendor sites
4. Set Thermostat to 65 in winter, use fans in summer
5. Use timers on lights
6. Use on/of switches for electronic power bricks
7. Use my own shopping bags at grocery stores
8. Only buy amount of food I need
9. Wash clothes in cold water
10. Bank online and auto-pay
11. Drive Low Emission Vehicle (once or twice a week)
12. Group/time drive errands together
13. Use mass transit
14. Walk or bike for short trips
15. Dispose of spent electronics at suitable sites
16. Dispose of spent batteries at suitable sites, not landfill
17. Dispose of household chemicals at suitable sites, paint, oil etc.
18. Recycle every thing CA will pick-pick up at curb
19. Parrots chew up cardboard boxes for recycle bin

1. Buy appropriate items in bulk to reduce packaging
2. Buy fresh and local
3. Reduce dependence on disposable towels, cups, and plates
4. Use more eco-friendly cleaning solutions
5. Use biodegradable garbage bags
6. Reduce paper bills
7. Pass on books and magazines to new readers
8. Repurpose or donate items not used at least once in 6 months
9. Reduce power drain from always-on electronics
10. Use fewer and fewer disposable batteries
11. Charge handheld electronics with personal solar panels
12. Drive slower, stop/start longer
13. Trade material desire with more quality experiences

1. Quickly travel greater distances on less energy
2. Replace future books with a light-weight, rechargeable, rugged electronic reader for paperless books, magazines, and newspapers that runs mini-Linux, up loads all text/data formats (PDF, MS, etc.) from wireless web or computer, and can be carried in a coat pocket.
3. I would love to find a realistic pedal car for adults.

          Hum, I am making progress, but on a personal level, more than ever, there is still plenty to do. It is not easy. How are you doing?

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