love & hate
opposite sides
of the same coin toss
with equal result.
i will always love U;
U will always hate me.
what the fuck,
what a tango.
in the end,
even mescalito
cannot subdue
appetite for fresh
hate & love.

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4 Responses to u

  1. ethan14 says:

    Dont mix emotions with factual science… Love always have soft sides n strong feelings

  2. keithecho says:

    ethan14, Thanks for the comment and welcome. I was attempting to express a classic duality of multiple brain hemispheres, and how do you interact with someone who despises you outside cause/effect reason or emotional experience. I agree with your estimation; logic can only get you so far, but serendipity has as much to do with science as emotion; IMO, in balance (whatever chaos that means) science rewards wonderment, and love makes wonderment a worthwhile pursuit. Although one hemisphere can exist without the other, is it an enlightened life worth living? Check out the Occidental theories Occam’s Razor and the Uncertainty Principle and their equilibrium in Oriental belief systems, such as Chi.

  3. ozymandiaz says:

    there does seem a Taoist argument within, no?

  4. keithecho says:

    Ozy, Thanks; and yes, it’s Te, virtue, the moment in balance between a duality and not just the discrete traits of each side. In the west, Aristotle was content to categorize traits as a verification of existence, but Plato claimed that traits were not existence, but abstraction; existence is beyond its traits. IMO, the balance of the two arguments verify existence, not one without the other, and it is useless to attempt to contain or control the Tao. In theory, the most one can do is recognize and follow virtue, and let it manifest itself in your life.

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