blue halo

in a fresh vesper,
blue halo in a cage
allures alms and awe
to circle with mute wings
and echo serene timbre,
arias of copious milk-weeds
and weaves of opulent cocoons.

a tiger moth virgin
trembles nearer to luster
in concentric dream lumens
and alights on sublime tin bars
with clinched tarsal claws
and pious wing rhythm.

the oracle affirms
in hot white light
adorned in blue and
a loud, quick snap
complete with short hiss.

smoke wafts skyward.

black edge, red and
gold leather cellophane
flutters, falls downward
to erect jagged spires of
charred legs and antennae.

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2 Responses to blue halo

  1. ozymandiaz says:

    burn, baby, burn

  2. Jones says:

    Blue halo, that game rocks. LOL

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