Of all the stars in the sky,
a blue on modest wrist
pricks my drunken heart
with terra eyes,
and luster beam;
you’ll never know
the depth of will
to subdue love to swim.
A star without its fire,
a whale without its song,
and me
adrift upon a shallow tide.

I will never understand
this ocean deep and wild
with random waves
and soul-full breathes.
Better yet to breach the sky
and swim with creatures low
upon the rift where lava flows
then on the rocks with
broken masts and fury.
Men will meet a fate
they most deserve,
to sea, a wanton heart.

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2 Responses to adrift

  1. ozymandiaz says:

    Damn this is very good. It flows so well, it reads so well and speaks on an emotional level.

  2. keithecho says:

    Ozy, Thanks.

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