late night static

Hippie, happy late night static
in a cathode ray tube construct
of concept simulation,
under a deep moon darkness
and a sleepless loa stare;

aware of reverend moonbeam’s
graphs, charts, and
whiteboard smudges
stimulate an allegory of
the leaf cutter liberation.

A five to five prayer hoop
starts one step two, and three
on a single lane brown, around,
up and down, green and over,
head to tail conga trail.

Mandibles bare, machetes tear
girders the size of cereal bowls
in blue backpacks trundle
shreds to fungus manna grow
as the days route to years.

White noise data diffusion
swims sentient in synaptic snow.
smooth, nude, two legs, arms
induce self deduction,
24 ribs and smiles.

A nine to nine subway loop
stops six, station seven, and eight
on an nth rail steel, parallel,
left and right, chrome and under,
elbow to elbow concrete rumble.

Fingertips deft, cognition cleft
relics the span of gravity’s bliss
in errant electric books transmit
particles to anima lingua bloom
as the years route to myths.

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4 Responses to late night static

  1. I. Cant says:

    This is good. It’d be great if you could post a sound file of you reading it. Wonderful rhythm. The words are kaleidoscopic and almost seems to move and vibrate as they are read.

  2. keithecho says:

    I. Cant,

    Thanks for reading and the comment, I will try it out, and if I like it, I will post.


  3. ozymandiaz says:

    as ants are we I see
    and heaven’s light
    through a magnifying glass
    sets us free

  4. keithecho says:

    ozy, Thanks as always for reading and commenting. This poem was inspired by Dr. Gene Scott, an old hippy theologian. A thorn in the side of typical Evangelicals, he was real kooky and fun to watch on the late night static. Check out Werner Herzog’s film, Gods Angry Man.

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