Bubbling Bombast

of the quantum gravity duality
rodeo-roping round robin
under the big blue bracket,
dogging dreams and delusions
along recursive radian redundancy,
singing savory sedition
with six-string synopsis,
and heavy humid howling
at the milky marshmallow moon.

super-conducting supermodels
stepping stilettos sideways
under flavorful florescent femininity,
synthesizing sublime sentience
along levitating lunar landings,
pouting profundity preferences
with perpendicular profiles,
and seductive satellite smiles
at firefly flashbulb fertility.

wu li,
dancing duality anomaly abnormally
succumb at a saffron sunset for
sub-serious scintillating science,
coalescing capriciously in corners
for code, cocktails, and comedy,
forming foundations of folly
with ethereal economic estimations,
generating gregarious genetics
along mythical manhood manifestations,
voicing voluptuous vowels
with synthetically sweet sincerity,
building beautiful bewilderment
between exaggerated external extremes,
and deciphering dynamic dimorphisms
under the opposite orbital offspring
of alpha and zero, with love balancing
the bumbling bubbling bombast.

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