Earth Day 2009

          It’s been a year since I first posted my Eco-resolutions and this post is about any progress that I’ve made. To see my 2008 post, go to Earth Day 2008. The price of fuel significantly dropped after my post, but I am driving less, biking more. My Honda Element gets about 21 in the city and 26 on the highway, and I routinely check tire pressure and engine oil quality. I slow down sooner at California stops, and accelerate more slowly. I use mass transit in the city and surrounding Bay Area where available and whenever possible.


          1. Added remote control to  power of routers to minimize trickle drain

          2. Added more energy efficient LCD TV to bedroom.

          3. Dropped thermostat on electric heaters to 62 degrees in winter

          4. Added light and draft shade barrier to bedroom window

          5. Buying cleaning products in bulk to save on packaging

          6. Eliminated all but three paper billing statements

          7.  75 percent conversion of batteries to rechargeable

          8. Bought 40 percent less material goods than last year

          9. Purchased 30 percent more leisure events

         10.  Joined a Women in Prison book recycle project


          1. Continue reductions from previous year’s list

          2. Reduce dependence on consumer paper products

          3. Find and use biodegradable garbage bags

          4. Pass magazines to new readers

          5. Find and use personal solar panels to charge handheld electronics

          6. Invest in more energy efficient vehicle

          7. Get more involved in community efforts

          8. Improve reduction of material desires, replace with personal experiences.

          I’ve not made any progress on the dream list, but on average over all, I would give myself a B on efforts to be green. I’ve still a lot of work to do, and hope to find more ways to live a less cumbersome and more eco-friendly lifestyle.

        How did you do?


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