Cursor and the Gnat

Post friendly rapport and
barley sweet, this evening’s
journey ends in open solitude.
Soon an exile forever to the past,
midnight timer on synthetic sun
clicks the final seconds in a day.
Symmetry billows on the edges,
as sleep strives its accomplishment.
I feel light wane in the corners and
heartbeats slow echoes of breath.

Eyelids rise and sink, when flutters in the dark
discover the cool blue glow of liquid crystal.
A petite reader finds its perch
between an apostrophe and s.
Shift, (What is that movement?)
cellophane totters flight,
but radiance and desire
persuades the flyer return.

Select references and metaphor,
as significance holds its choice.
(What will the next thought be?)
Letters rend to words,
words become a sentence;
so alight upon this pause,
and exhale life’s expression.

Wings syncopate and float,
plunge, ascend, and repeat.
A bolt traverses the window,
and the gnat pursues its trace;
it lands upon the barb, candid.
Wings flap and the cursor trembles.
The gnat circles and the arrow follows.
Each desires the other’s resolve,
to convey and bind mutual grasp.

Morpheus taps my shoulder,
swathes a palm across my eyes,
and the reader puts to flight,
forages the darkness alone.

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