copious night

Share a ride for an early flight
night taxis and post midnight walks-about
2 early 4 man, woe, or beast,
a curb is quiet, cold, and hard
warm in a corner or familiar stoop,
with blanket, cardboard, or paper
torn package in disarray.
The tap and scuff
of syncopated shuffles
and random grunts,
some walk the walk,
and some bark the bark.

“Look what I’ve to sell,”
modest time or golden trinket
another long sweaty night
of stale perfume, oily hair
brown stained teeth, and tar.

Absent insects and biscuit crumbs
missing toes and buckled feet
roost on all available ledges.
@ Golden Gate and Hyde
on a well-worn sidewalk corner,
bob on two legs, flutter tail, and repeat:
shoulders arch, and wing-tips droop.
Step and twirl tattered feathers,
even a coat of diesel
will not subdue life’s desire,
copious night and abundant life.

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