Monthly Pass: A Found Poem

Monthly Pass March 2010

Clunk, clunk squeek sssshhhhh
(the 13 kneels)
Hurry, hurry get on.
“The front seats are reserved for
seniors and those with disabilities.”
Comp ride? I forgot my wallet.
Does this bus go to Union square?
(Sliding on skateboard up and down aisle.)
Don’t look at him.
Have you seen my rabbit?
All I have is a twenty
Is this a bus?
“For passengers loading the bus
please move to the rear of the bus.“
(Two women in horse costume get on bus.)
That’s expired.

Monthly Pass April 2010

Snorrrrr, hiccup snorrrrr.
What the hell are you looking at?
“Please hold on.”
(Fleas mow lawn.)
Where’s my wallet
Mommy is that Grandma Santa Claus?
It’s come off the wire.
What’s that smell? GROSS!
Ouch! My feet.
Someone is going to sock you in the face.
(Man in leotard with unicycle gets on bus.)
“Eating and smoking are strictly prohibited.”
(Noodling and pickling are leniently uplifted.)
I can’t find my pants.
That’s a cute dog.
Pink Man.
Miss your fly is unzipped.
Stop looking at me, bitch.
Back door, BACK DOOR.

Anyone want to buy some DVDs?
Look, puddle.
(Swinging inverted from handrails.)
Get off the steps.
The doors will not close.

Monthly Pass May 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I will be your robber for the evening.
Are you just fucking stupid or what?
Don’t forget your umbrella
Someone needs to take a bath.
I have to walk to my hotel?
(Three 30-gallon garbage bags
filled with plastic bottles and
aluminum cans block aisle.)
Step down. Step. Down.
No free ride.
Watch out for the gum.
Can I sit there? No.
That’s a man, he, he, he.
Get off the steps.
I fuckin’ slapped ‘um to shut up.
No seriously man, give me your wallet.
“Please exit to the rear doors.”
(Cheese mixes when the beer pours.)
Let me off, let Bee off,
I missed my stop.
This isn’t my hotel.

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