rhg lilith

the weight of one glance
lover’s dance at ritual
the touch so soft
but not yet felt
how smooth your skin
(not random from time)
is soft and milky cream
to lay the first touch
and not blemish intent
a dash to converge cold chills.

would she feel it?
or am i a shadow
in the corner of sight;
no entrance to her thoughts
or flat blackness of her eyes;
to drown in a bottomless pond
and swim there eternal.

Lilith’s hair from black to brown
to blonde to red adapts a new silk,
like Frankenstein’s bride, electric
chameleon, lightening begins
with the flash of a negative charge
and whiff of stolid searing skin.

her lips, round and full, are
deeper than the withering rose
and to touch those lips with mine;
the possibility sweet, bitter,
and sharp her taste, her tongue
will thrust, cut, wallow, engorge,
and nip first blood beckons
salt for more.

humid breath and bead of sweat
the curve of Lilith’s neck
a double row of stainless spikes
a purple snake collar detours
anonymous method, logic falls,
wastes meaning to love to lust
and trades freedom and verve
to leash to her command.

gain access to her neck
taste the abstract of her fire;
the leaches kiss one drop
will cease the calm in between
for random frenzy and ash.
strapped to a chair; remnant
electric death row throne
pricks bare skin, cold brass
buckle and the warmth
of kneeling embraces;
Lilith smiles, “relax,”
and licks her lips
like a cat paws insect play
pulling off one leg at a time;
and still alive, all it can do
is wait for whatever is next.

She drops her long red robe
reveals the beauty of Eve’s
perfect curves, long velvet legs
no scar or blemish interferes
in the pastel realms of porcelain,
quivering hips, and leather
covering the depth of passion
the object waits, anticipates
a single kiss, fatal embrace
spirit and flesh spark blue
and burst as synthetic fire.

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