Out of the woodwork
evoke purple and grey
in the clouds and in the sea.
shadow herald of sepia eyes
around shoulders, corners,
under probable, perpetual,
the gaze will not let me be.
manifests in all dimension
a penumbra of memory
fills the flat hollow
with deep rasp and fog.

vitreous Alice,
blue eye commodity,
smug tattoos and scorn
allure, bore, and facile.
ratify with shabby-buss
a viral adder’s meme.
treat friends as wooden blocks;
conk them into rubble
and raise the market
of your own self-worth.

red rubber band and
the curve of your neck,
random heart generator bitter
watch the wild grass wither
and prime leaves flutter
from late summer breezes
and early autumn gusts.
perhaps, a soft starry night
and a half-moon’s smile
deflects in asphalt steam.
transformer wire against the sky
vibrates a lullaby of busy-ness
in the near and far-away nil.

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