Spambot’s Be Gone

At this time, is infested with something similar to bed bugs, spambot comments. They are not harmful, but are a time-nuisance and propagate rapidly with no benefit. In the comments section on this blog, I am responsible for succumbing to vain flattery from these bots. Traffic on my site dipped, and the idea that these comments may prop-up my numbers caught my naïveté hook, line, and sinker. The result is that my view numbers are worse, and I receive 20 or more new spambot comments a day. The bots do not view my sight, but fill my comment queue, and attract more bots. It takes significant time to administer and clear these pointless comments.

Flattery is extremely seductive, and I did not developed adequate filters in my “open-source” psyche to respond appropriately. I have remedied this weakness. I will no longer approve comments from spam bots or other non-verifiable sources. All spambots will be blocked, and all previous spam comments will be promptly deleted.

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