patterns of place, (past-present) tense,
of cobblestones and cold shoe scuffs,
a parallel of dusty shadows,
faces through the window smudge,
wide-eyed random archetypes,
robust farrago of 30-second glints,
puffy sleeves and piggy legs
disembark to asphalt’s lullaby
or languid bide a (future) auto-bus.

at dusk a pigeon plummets,
down fledge skin in solitude;
diesel coat sticks to the curb;
tenuous neck forever (now)
a subsistent time of year,
dark and gaslight atmosphere
dialogue and diatribe at the bar,
what’s it mean or who’s it doin’,
Schrödinger’s feline in a box,
radioactive, dead or not,
hermetic cats cease to be;
glass has no memory or fur.

on the road at the asphalt’s end,
waitin’ for the volcano to blow;
howl lost youth and etymology,
old Vesuvius pours the next rye;
revere the naked and the lunch,
exchange post-love’s lone protocol,
same place, recurrent (present) tense;
survive the perpetual-loop simplicity,
fresh zombies will not rescue me.

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