The Kraken and the Crow

Wings aloft in winter’s grey,
a murder shadows memory
and haunts the future tense.
Caw turned sod and creosote,
golden coins and crumpled sticks;
roost the night to pass on by
and sleep in asphalt dreams.

Beware, beware the angry sea,
the Kraken lures lonely pleas
with arias of sweet desires,
nipples rouge, and roses prick
the tender curve of your pale neck
and fond whisper upon your tongue.

The myth of mist in amber eyes
when madness swims at dusk;
flat plume and scales traverse
the tallest wave and deepest night.
Crash on civic ruins, buttresses
against the chill and solitude.
Past tense metaphors all abrade
to filament, black grist of sand;
bare hearts twirl as falling leaves
upon the ocean and cement.
Swim beyond the breakers,
caress the absolute and new.

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