#xxx, #myth_of_insects, #Bad, #I/O;
     big_banger = 0; all = all;
     x = y = z = big_banger;
     For y = all, y + next(y); For z = all, z + next(z);
     For one two three Repeat Until (x = all);

          Call derelict (in_the_shallows);
          Call Bus_Puddle_Vanity (carnival_of_metaphor);
          Rust next(x) and cheap cologne;
          input (whiskey_in_pocket); ***recurse***
          Output (“waves of time and memory [line feed]
          against oxidation and sleep”);
          Next (pseudo_code_me, like_all_the_others);
          Input (inquisition, +49gold, (continue)
          +beats, +dotcom(1), +dotcom(glasshole));
          output (“between highest crest and deepest trough [line feed]
          the invisible hand wanks the ego naive”);
          Rust next(x) as all that follow;
          Call grid_you(x), grid_me(y), grid_we(z);
          Call (bad_poetry, same_as_it_always_was):
          x = x + next(x); ***iterate***

     End Repeat;
     y = y + next(y); End Repeat;
     z = z + next(z); End Repeat;
End CarnivalofAntimatter;

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