Jackdaw soul, Corvus Corvidae,
black wing diviner and augury,
friendly beak and willing eye,
feathers shimmer of sagacity,
our shareable feast must end.

Devotion disrupt my heavy heart
as shallow whispers, daggers,
greed, and delusive property
blight our parallel in divinity.
Noble of air and common of land,
sweet voice and viral curiosity;
a gnostic possibility to share
moments, discrete and now,
legumes of earth and roast,
the spirit of both transcend;
sublime and sing a love to live.

Mourn not the separation,
but wink, caw the sky blue,
and seek the flyway all life
must follow, repeat or not,
and escape to the unknown,
stout trees and cool brooks.
Release young fear, old doubt,
remember our clicks and beats
until the last breath and peace.

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