on the trail of a thesaurus gone rogue

Ear memes and infomercial catty cadgers,
blue market (re)turns over the long tooth
with their heart-shaped shoe sole’s souls,
honey bee queens of plastic harems and
table top yard sale clowns with red noses
mix a texture of milk-bath-salts and sand;
(sugar) sensual, surreal, serenity surfs
on the terete of [honey] bucket equity;
desire, delusion, deliberation, degradation
flailing to escape the red-eyed electric cat,
glowering at the night’s faded awkward
night heron tassels and a purple fez,
when a bad joke can’t be forgotten.

Devour trantles, coins and, coitus
quaint quandaries always in context,
coifed to suit the salacious sozzle
and sing a sphalm, shallow, with
symphoric fluke in Van Ness nooks
around the bendable tootlish fantasy
of wings woebegone without the wild,
as weary seasons of consumable fruit
cling to the lid of peanut butter jars.

The south wind sequela shrieks solemn,
no affect for ailing automatic resonance
reeling remote bin-diving, caprylic clou
proclaim ruderous, like all the others;
grey ash, non-descript, discrete darg
in a diorama of divine fallacy and foil
[can’t predict continua convergence]
lorem impsum illumine the null alliteration
on the trail of a thesaurus gone rogue.

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