In the dark amongst the trees and fallen leaves,
fireflies find their leisure caught in memory,
and river stones sleep not far from the flame
as fluttering lichen sunder to psychosis,
skeletal splinters on wires run rampant
big brass and base and shadows,
coywolves dance with the pallid moon.

Allegoric archivist of centipedes, carrion beetles,
spider sighs, eyes, and dusk webs set repast;
willowy antenna caper the early time of rain;
Lazarus wanes to sparks and atoms puddle.

Pale porcelain cold peeps to a cynic’s underbrush
as perspiration precipitates (past tense) condense
In a vinyl car seat wrap cocoon, last lament of lips,
not human, it smiles too much; it’s grinning now
as forgotten torpor stems like stained curtains,
and dirty mannequin hands, legs, nose, plasticine.
only sandpaper grit can embrace and renew
and sing a rasp of distant wheels, desires, dreams
the most common alms to sins and consequence.

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