GOP “Moral Values.”

To sum up GOP “morality” of the past week, what have we learned?

Seventeen dead children need thoughts and prayers without intent to act, also known as vanity. Something for which alt-Jesus is well known, respected, and preached-love thy self as thy self. He loved his golden streets, his 75-room mansion, and his latest’s greatest new private jet.

It’s too early to talk about gun regulations. Sure another disgruntled, mentally questionable, “Christian” republican trump-supporter is going to kill more school children or families, and it still will not be time to talk about gun control. “Those are good people too.” Does it really matter how many children when GOP pockets are not going to fill themselves?

The dead children and their educators were paid professional actors, a “false flag operation.” Got the new republican “moral value,” pedo-necrophilia?

The GOP administration in the White House is happy for smoke breaks from talking about collaboration, collusion, and treason from its own party with a competitive, combative enemy of the USA, Russia. Where are trump’s tax returns?

We don’t need gun control to protect our precious future; we need more God in schools. We don’t already have more churches and prisons than universities. Separation of church and state was created to guard against the failed, brutal, fascist, theocratic tyrannies of history. If neighborhood churches across the street from each other cannot agree on the value of their metaphors, let’s create a government and justice system that cannot either. We would rather burn witches at the stake, along with, minorities, women, non-Christians, immigrants, the disabled, the old, scientists, neighbors with nicer cars, lawns, or the inappropriate hat color, left-handers, or anyone at all-even our own children–that we hate, that we are jealous of or who inconveniences us or disagrees with us.

We just need to arm teachers, even if we can’t afford to pay for their pens, pencils, paints, chalk, paper, notebooks, and textbooks. We’ll never pay for their guns, ammunition, threat training, liability insurance, or combat pay; we can’t afford it. Our selfishness won’t let us repair potholes on our own neighborhood street, or keep our water and air clean, so how can we possibly afford an AR-15 for combat-educators?

It’s too late for gun regulations, what can we possible do if we only live in the past and can’t fathom an original thought or solution? Why bother? If it’s not me, not my family, who cares? The billions and billions and billions of criminals already have guns, so how can we protect ourselves? Shoot your neighbors before they shoot you first, preemptive 2nd Amendment protection.

“Did you not see my speech notes to remind me that human beings have value?” Said the soulless republican in the White House.

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