Time Is a Single Flutter (5)

[“It could not be,” Seven shakes his head as he whispers to himself.

Janis returns. “Are you, okay?” She is carrying a Green Fairy and stops in front of him.

Seven sighs, “nothing that another tequila won’t fix,” he pushes his pony forward.

Janis sets the Absinthe down next to him at the empty seat.]

Smoke and vapor fall forever fantasy lapse Lil(ith)
Paste protocol partially past the last breath,
a memento rouses ardor, absence, absinthe (Lil).
It is a dark night anomaly, tranquil anodyne,
(emerald, ruby, and pearl) sapphire and gold
grasp a gregarious grin and gracious bow.

Predictable Nox (script) in semiprecious stone,
and the same clutch, constant variation transfer,
contemporary remittance utterance con solo
(too close, to wait) reverberate and perpetuate.

Sink the solitude salacious saffron bees,
in a gist of flashbacks forward in the flesh time.
drones dance dynamic duos Deus domino (discord),
discard spent asphalt and noise are old thoughts
and sad flapping anger with misconceptions;
vacation varies the valence of visitors, so
familiars formulate the state of respite.

[Do the dead use memory as a pathway to the now? Seven puzzles.]

Fires flower, rumble above the tide in a tango tantric
love and lust, rut summer’s solstice sequins sequence
sand and water cool. The wind wanes after sunset’s
touch, soft in a huddle against offshore fog and chill.
Lil swathes her firm arm around syncopated shivers
With a squeeze and beguile (getaway ghost giggles),
emotions collect, collapse, and compact a sole packet;
as if all time is a single flutter not discrete divisions
or directions diligent in reliable results, and not null.

Voluptuous velvet buss suspends abeyance.
Swift breath murmurs voracious heartbeats.
Rend the running rhinoceros, grey eyes shut
in visions, sticky existential Kundalini’s salt;
grunting, grueling, grind armor amore;
escalate effervescent emulsion equal.
Ebullition exhale empty protocols
and consequence parallel.

We fell into a still life (calm flats) all a jumble
Flatlands flicker at a casual rendezvous
tessellate time lumen, tremors pulse fitful
Anew and renew repeat irrevocable intervals
Adrift, end, begin, end, and again, again, again;
but I am not going anywhere, anyway, any hour;
a communion conjured in clay and fire. (Hard stop.)

[Seven wipes the sweat from his brow. The Green Fairy’s glass is empty.]

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