Feather In the Tar (8-15)

Chapter 8: Seethe

          {CHECK DOOR}

          A picture of the lab door pops into my head. I see it and turn my eyes, but they are closed. I think to myself, “turn your head,” I can see the doorknob up at the top of a grey wooden platform. I see it through two parallel tunnels, like binoculars focusing slow and steady; the aperture closes in on the knob. Two flashlight beams illuminate it. I don’t remember this place. “Odd, I don’t remember getting here. Where am I?”

Chapter 9: Evoke 7

          “Sit here, and wait for me to call down for you.” Seven says to Genie as they exit the elevator on the 3rd floor of the Hall of Justice. Wooden benches are outside each of the criminal courts.
           “You don’t want me to go with you?” she asks.

Chapter 10: Foreplay

          “It is not so much what I know but who.” Seven answers.
           “Enough with the riddle-speak,” she pokes him under the left pectoral. “What…do…you know about a murder at the Bridge Motel on Lombard?”
           “Like I said Em,” Seven replies.
           “Lieutenant Inspector Cochran to you,” she moves closer to Seven. Her face is flush and breath hot with the scent of Kona. Her eyes are cold.

Chapter 11: Cross Stitch

          “Lock up when you leave,” Mike says, but Chaz doesn’t respond.
          “Hey, Chaz, do you hear me?” Mike shouts from the doorway of the lab. It’s 5:00 PM, and Mike is on routine. Chaz doesn’t look up. “Damn it.” He says under his breath. He walks over to Chaz’s computer and stands behind him.
          Chaz focuses on a blender schematic. He parses between the schematic and a rendered 3d object. He pushes the run button on the blender, but nothing happens.Chaz searches the schematic again. The blender is for an online interactive education tool at the neighborhood elementary school.

Chapter 12: Splice

          “OH MY GOD,” Chaz shouts, “you, how can it be?”
          {Step Left}
          The OS responds, and moves towards Chaz. Who the hell is that, Frank thinks to himself. His hard drive spins up
          {Find Video: itsalive}
          {Play Video}
          Inspector Sampson pulls the Ford up to a small house in need of paint.

Chapter 13: Squelchy

           Florescent tubes follow exposed pipes along the ceiling and tint the grey walls yellow, a muddy sulphur glow, squelchy. Along the baseboards, scuffs and stains spread toward the end of the hall. Scribbles appear at random intervals, phone numbers, addresses, even a childish drawing of a house, yard, and family: it’s at knee height. Genie glances at them as she passes. Her breath shortens, and she can fill sweat run down the inside of her upper arms. As the posse approaches interview room no 3, one tube dims above the door; it’s not dead but flicker bright every 30 seconds, as if attempting to reset itself. Sampson turns the handle, Cochran enters first then Ms. Hallowell, Bardo, and finally, Sampson closes the door behind him.

Chapter 14: Looking Glass

           “YOU!” Charles Palmer shouts. He is frozen. “You, you can’t be…out.”

          {STEP FORWARD x 5: BOILER: ON.}
          {LIFT LEFT ARM 90 DEGREES,
          OPEN HAND,
          LEAN FORWARD,
          GRAB COLLAR,
          TIGHTEN GRIP,

           Frank’s camera lights target Chaz’s face.

Chapter 15: Heat the Seat

           “Ms. Hallowell,” Cochran says. She sighs. “Please Ms. Hallowell, may I call you Genevieve?”
           Genevieve Hallowell sniffles into the tissue and looks up at Lt. Inspector Emily Cochran’s brown amber eyes. They are softer, not so piercing. Genie sniffles. She looks full up at Cochran, and manages a slight smile. Cochran smiles back.
           “Ms. Hallowell,” the inspector queries.
           “You can call me Genie. Everyone calls me that.” Genie says. Her voice is calmer.


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