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Time Is a Single Flutter (5)

[“It could not be,” Seven shakes his head as he whispers to himself.Janis returns. “Are you, okay?” She is carrying a Green Fairy and stops in front of him.Seven sighs, “nothing that another tequila won’t fix,” he pushes his pony … Continue reading

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Breaths of light, Blue wisp of wind and regale (4)

Shadow of myth and murk ubiquity, light and dark adduce each other; recurse isolation impression (memory). Shake cup, click dice, clatter and quiver, perpetual present tense pirouette character caricature benediction recognition sequence hash (key) haberdasher block-chain archeology. [She bumps Seven … Continue reading

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A Whisper of the Whistler’s Ghost (3)

Incidental memory, colored glass, fast focus five favor forever pharmacy. The fortress fluctuates–the final, final– last latitude of lassitude levitate laterally lend the lexical leer pear, (saucer snow milk melt) mirror participant prime dime (rhymes) deter disagree designates disappear disillusioned. … Continue reading

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