Feather In the Tar (16-19)

Chapter 16: Cigarette Break

          Det. Sampson enters the fish bowl, and closes the door behind. Bardo turns and walks toward him. “I think I’ll get some fresh air,” Bardo says.
           “Whatever.” Sampson replies. Returns his stare towards the fish. Bardo opens and steps through the door. “Bardo, hey limpy, don’t go near the interview room.” Bardo doesn’t turn to respond, and the door closes with a thump.
          A far away gaze, Seven passes through the security exit when someone calls out, “Hey, Super Spy, get kicked out again?” The blues working the gate turn and look. Seven’s instinct points a scowl in the general direction. A young officer walks over to him.

Chapter 17: When We First Met

          [TEST VITIALS: Infrared Filter: on]
           Is he alive, Frank asks himself as he leans over Chaz. His chest is moving and body heat is normal. His eyes are closed.
          No movement.
          A new program spins up the hard drive. Digital snow with vague shapes and forgotten sounds, a scent memory of death and dried out condemns; Frank cannot associate meaning to the sense reflections. Chaz’s face comes into focus for a moment then snow again.

Chapter 18: Prelude to a Kiss

           Five Jamesons and two beers, beer nuts for dinner, Frank jumps up from his stool as a guard scores the final 3. “YES.” He pumps his right like an engine driver
          “Did they win sweetheart?” Cyan says as she walks by with a tray full of drinks. She doesn’t stop for the answer.
           “YES, yes,” Frank turns and says to her back. He watches her demure backside swing to Tom Waits on the jukebox, New Coat of Paint.

          “I didn’t see its face. I heard it, like an iron or something, only louder.” Genie says.

Chapter 19: Broken Glass

          Detective Sergeant Sampson enters the hallway first, then Genie and Inspector Coch. Seven follows, his head is lowered.
          “This is the it, room 217.” Samson stops and pulls the crime scene seal off the door. He inserts the key.
          “Y, ye, yessss.” Genie is shaking. She remembers it, but the smell is not fresh pine like before. It smells of spoiled meat and her throat closes up. The blood drains out of her face, and before the blackness, Inspector Coch catches her arm.


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