Breaths of light, Blue wisp of wind and regale (4)

Shadow of myth and murk ubiquity, light and dark adduce each other; recurse isolation impression (memory). Shake cup, click dice, clatter and quiver, perpetual present tense pirouette character caricature benediction recognition sequence hash (key) haberdasher block-chain archeology.

[She bumps Seven with her case, “Sorry,” she says and blushes. She wedges it closer to her legs.]

Machine dreams in context counts; lips love liquid levity and brevity, aurora as always null and meager, longing to return receded recidivist fluctuates forever in the ad hoc fragment discontinuity anomaly, perception probable and precipitate, dead too young discontinuity, defunct garden bees, not honey. Honeymoon homonym ash and all those things–mosquito wings, carbon puddles, breaths of light, blue wisp of wind and regale, indirect. (It’s) always the same patterns to escape–I’ve been here before–the same coat and shoe perpetuity love could not change the (rain) derivative [consequence].

[“No problem,” he replies and smiles.”]

Random winsome naïve and unprepared swamp mountain sojourns on plateau without predilection or probability, from one reminiscence to the next, myriad synonyms suffocate wonton ephemera egress, blue, extraneous nirvana ocellus, thorax, and omega verses. Vendetta vanity fantasies of being enough to warrant the need, desire, rose-water vassal, candlewick consequence calliope cacophony un lived unmade unknown (knowing) circuit of everyone known in the pinch asymmetry of salt and disparity, to survive conversations clear In the dreams of other’s antiquity.

[She returns his glance with recognition, and then wisp, she’s gone.]

[“It can’t be.” Seven says, out loud. She died too young, he thinks and turns back toward the bar.]

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