Electric Sloth

Black eyes see all in flutters feint
on a forgone pitch of wind create
filters, valleys, myth, and solitude;
render to fragments (folly) disjunct,
disrupt beyond a wretch and weep.

Tread dry crackles and brown sod as
orange, red, and yellow-green leaves
puddle where the sidewalk (whispers)
with alloy plastic bags and paper whit.

Porcelain dragons (tigers) stand guard,
discards in the season of last chances
before sleep endures the dreams of all
as all in the all a zephyr whirls round
the near hollow with gawks and caws,
raw instincts null and shallow entropy.

Escalate the downward stroke of lift
and howl at all the other’s collections
of recollections in and out of context.
harvest maps and epitome anomalies
tarry intact between spines of books,
pens, stitches, script, and electric sloth,
mumble parables bombast, and scoff.

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