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By All Indications, She Arrived Intact

Blue-sky boulevard and green sea the one route (bus) glides interface, shivers, rumbles, diesel spent over miles, concrete, reflective paint. Asphalt ubiquity and texture, time In the lapse pluperfect (pre-past) mythos method enter intermission; pretense insects intersect intent, awhile underground … Continue reading

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It Always Starts in a Bar

Boat tail comic book angel(beta) summer into autumn treble castanets and silver under toe pistol plank the walk willow too fallow and too frequent barley bumps and bluster crisp pause through the window blouse, and wash out the anima mundi. … Continue reading

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I have chosen my side.

Some family, friends, and acquaintances may be upset with my anger toward the election outcome. That is okay. You are welcome to un-friend me, un-follow me, or re-group me. I will not be offended or hold it against you. If … Continue reading

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33 Wild Is the Wind

Joel dances with a clown who has long Raggedy Anne’s type hair; it’s a slow dance to a slow song, Wild is the Wind, recorded by David Bowie in 1976, and written by Dimitri Tiomkin and Ned Washington in 1957. … Continue reading

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rushpile and ruffle,[crash in slow around the edges] dunes of a turquoise sky and cloudrise up along the empty and yellow ochre wispsremember when we first met lipsand knelt along the barbwire moon?sticky pecan blooms and salty skincicada tymbals … Continue reading

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32 The Seven of Coins (reversed)

       Bridget pulls the reading into a tighter formation. “We should finish during the break,” she picks up the deck of ignored Tarot cards and and offers them to Ethan.       “I don’t see how you can concentrate on that at this party,” … Continue reading

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31 The Circus Is Coming

       “Honk, honk,” Steve McSwain taps his horn, but like the other vehicles around him, it doesn’t help. The traffic is not letting up and the GPS can’t find the satellite. He looks ahead, and although he is sitting taller than … Continue reading

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